Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Store Update @ 19/7/2010

CALVIN KLEIN Eternity (100ml) --> RM130
HUGO BOSS Element (90ml) --> RM160
AIGNER Man 2 (100ml) --> RM160 X
BVLGARI Aqva Pour Homme(100ml) --> RM150 X
BVLGARI Pour Homme Soir (100ml) --> RM150 X
CALVIN KLEIN cK Free (100ml) --> RM160 X
CAROLINA HERRERA 212 Men Splash (100ml) --> RM150 X
CERRUTI 1881 (100ml) --> RM150 X
CHANEL Allure Homme Sport (100ml) --> RM150 X
DAVIDOFF Coolwater (125ml) --> RM140 X
DAVIDOFF Silver Shadow (100ml) --> RM150 X
DUNHILL Desire Blue (100ml) --> RM140 X
GUCCI By Gucci Pour Homme (90ml) --> RM160 X
GIORGIO ARMANI Acqua Di Gio (100ml) --> RM130 X
GIORGIO ARMANI Code (75ml) --> RM150 X
HUGO BOSS # 6 (100ml) --> RM140 X
HUGO BOSS Army (150ml) --> RM150 X
HUGO BOSS Energize (125ml) --> RM140 X
HUGO BOSS Pure (75ml) --> RM160 X
KENZO L'eau Par Kenzo(100ml) --> RM160 X
PACO RABANNE 1 Million (100ml) --> RM160 X
RALPH LAUREN Polo Black (125ml) --> RM150 X
RALPH LAUREN Polo Blue (125ml) --> RM150 X
RALPH LAUREN Polo Sport (125ml) --> RM140 X
RALPH LAUREN Safari (125ml) --> RM140 X
SEAN JOHN Unforgiveable (125ml) --> RM150 X
THIERRY MUGLER A*men (100ml) --> RM160 X

CALVIN KLEIN Euphoria ; EDP (100ml) --> RM150
CHANEL No. 5; EDP (100ml) --> RM150
CHRISTIAN DIOR Midnight Poison; EDP (100ml) --> RM160
GUESS For Woman; EDP (75ml) --> RM140
GUESS Gold For Women; EDP (75ml) --> RM150 X
LANCOME Miracle Forever; EDP (75ml) --> RM150
AIGNER Too Feminine; EDP (100ml) --> RM150 X
BANANA REPUBLIC W; EDP; (100ml) --> RM150 X
BURBERRY London; EDP (100ml) --> RM150 X
BURBERRY The Beat; EDP (75ml) --> RM160 X
Bvlgari By BVLGARI: EDP (100ml) --> RM140 X
CALVIN KLEIN Eternity; EDP(100ml) --> RM130 X
CALVIN KLEIN Eternity Moment; EDP (100ml) --> RM150 X
CHANEL Coco Mademoiselle; EDT (100ml) --> RM150 X
CHRISTIAN DIOR Addict; EDP (100ml) --> RM150 X
CHRISTIAN DIOR J'adore; EDP (100ml) --> RM160 X
CLINIQUE Happy; EDP (100ml) --> RM130 X
DAVIDOFF Echo Summer Fizz; EDT (100ml) --> RM150 X
LANCOME Miracle; EDP (100ml) --> RM150 X
LANCOME Miracle So Magic; EDP (100ml) --> RM150 X
MARC JACOB Daisy; EDT (100ml) --> RM160 X
MOSCHINO Couture; EDP (100ml) --> RM140 X
PARIS HILTON For Waman; EDP (100ml) --> RM140 X
RALPH LAUREN Ralph; EDT (100ml) --> RM150 X

contact us at:
phone: 0173881681
email : parfum.paradise@yahoo.com


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