Monday, May 17, 2010

Store Update @ 7 June 2010

All perfumes for RM100 and less will be free delivery.

RALPH LAUREN Polo Blue (40ml) --> RM70
GIORGIO ARMANI Code (30ml) --> RM70 X

ANNA SUI Dolly Girl Ooh La Love; EDT (50ml) --> RM100
ESTEE LAUDER Pleasures; EDP (30ml) -- > RM60
KENZO Mouse; EDP (20ml) --> RM60
LANCOME Hypnose; EDT (30ml) --> RM70
THIERRY MUGLER Innocent Angle; EDP (30ml) --> RM70

Big Size Perfumes (Delivery charge required)

CHANEL Allure Homme(100ml) --> RM150
CHANEL Allure Homme Sport (100ml) --> RM150
CHRISTIAN DIOR Fahrenheit (100ml) --> RM140
DAVIDOFF Adventure (100ml) --> RM160
DAVIDOFF Coolwater (125ml) --> RM140
DKNY Be Delicious (100ml) --> RM150
DUNHILL Pursuit (75ml) --> RM160
GIORGIO ARMANI Attitude (75ml) --> RM150
GUESS For Man (75ml) --> RM140
GUY LAROCHE Drakkar Noir (100ml) --> RM130
HUGO BOSS Element (90ml) --> RM160
HUGO BOSS Pure (75ml) --> RM160
HUGO BOSS Selection (90ml) --> RM150
ISSEY MIYAKE L'eau D'issey (125ml) --> RM140
KENZO L'eau Par Kenzo(100ml) --> RM160
AIGNER Man White (100ml) --> RM160 X
AIGNER Man 2 (100ml) --> RM160 X
BVLGARI Aqva Pour Homme (100ml) --> RM140 X
BVLGARI Pour Homme Extreme (100ml) --> RM140 X
BVLGARI Pour Homme Soir (100ml) --> RM150 X
CALVIN KLEIN Eternity (100ml) --> RM130 X
CALVIN KLEIN Euphoria Intense (100ml) --> RM160 X
DOLCE & GABANNA The One (100ml) --> RM160 X
DAVIDOFF Adventure (100ml) --> RM160 X
DUNHILL Desire Blue (100ml) --> RM140 X
DUNHILL Desire Red (100ml) --> RM140 X
GIORGIO ARMANI Acqua Di Gio (100ml) --> RM130 X
GIORGIO ARMANI Code (75ml) --> RM150 X
GIORGIO ARMANI Mania (100ml) --> RM140 X
HUGO BOSS Army (150ml) --> RM150 X
HUGO BOSS Dark Blue (125ml)--> RM140 X
HUGO BOSS XY (100ml) --> RM160 X
JEAN PAUL GAULTIER Fleur Du Male (125ml) --> RM160 X
MONT BLANC Starwalker (75ml) --> RM150 X
PACO RABANNE Black XS (100ml) --> RM150 X
RALPH LAUREN Romance Silver (100ml) --> RM150 X
SALVATORE FERRAGAMO Incanto Homme (100ml) --> RM160 X
THIERRY MUGLER A*men (100ml) --> RM150 X
VERSACE Signature Pour Homme (100ml) --> RM150 X

ANNA SUI Secret Wish; EDT (75ml) --> RM140
CALVIN KLEIN Truth; EDP (100ml) --> RM140
CHANEL Coco Mademoiselle; EDT (100ml) --> RM150
CHANEL No. 5; EDP (100ml) --> RM150
ELIZABETH ARDEN Provocative Woman; EDP (125ml) --> RM150
ESCADA 'S'; EDP (90ml) --> RM150
ESTEE LAUDER Pure White Linen; EDP (100ml) --> RM140
HUGO BOSS Femme; EDP (75ml) --> RM140
JEAN PAUL GAULTIER Madame; EDT (100ml) --> RM160
JENNIFER LOPEZ Live; EDP (100ml) --> RM150
LANCOME Tressor; EDP (100ml) --> RM140
MONT BLANC Femme Individuelle; EDT (75ml) --> RM140
MOSCHINO Couture; EDP (100ml) --> RM140
NINA RICCI Premier Jour Lucky Day; EDT(100ml) --> RM160
PACO RABANNE Black XS Rose; EDP (100ml) --> RM150
PARIS HILTON For Waman; EDP (100ml) --> RM140
RALPH LAUREN Romance; EDP (100ml) --> RM140
SALVATORE FERRAGAMO Incanto; EDT (100ml) --> RM150
THIERRY MUGLER Angel; EDP (75ml) --> RM150
Yves Saint Laurent Baby Doll; EDT (100ml) --> RM150
BURBERRY The Beat; EDP (75ml) --> RM160 X
BVLGARI BLV Pour Femme; EDP (100ml) --> RM140 X
BVLGARI Omnia Crystalline; EDP (65ml) --> RM130 X
CHRISTIAN DIOR J'adore; EDP (100ml) --> RM160 X
DAVIDOFF Coolwater; EDT (100ml) --> RM140 X
ESCADA Moon Sparkle; EDT (100ml) --> RM160 X
ESCADA Pacific Paradise; EDT (100ml) --> RM140 X
ESCADA Sentiment; EDT (75ml) --> RM130 X
ESTEE LAUDER Pleasure; EDP (100ml) --> RM140 X
GIORGIO ARMANI Code; EDP (75ml) --> RM150 X
GUCCI Eau De Parfum II; EDP (75ml) --> RM160 X
GUCCI Rush 2; EDT (75ml) --> RM140 X
JENNIFER LOPEZ Live Luxe; EDP (100ml) --> RM150 X
JENNIFER LOPEZ Still; EDP (100ml) --> RM150 X
LANCOME Attraction; EDP (100ml) --> RM150 X
LANCOME Miracle; EDP (100ml) --> RM150 X
NINA RICCI Premier Jour; EDP(100ml) --> RM150 X
PACO RABANNE Ultraviolet; EDP (80ml) --> RM140 X
PARIS HILTON Heiress; EDP (100ml) --> RM160 X
RALPH LAUREN Blue; EDT (125ml) --> RM140 X
SALVATORE FERAGAMO Incanto Dream; EDT (100ml) --> RM160 X
SALVATORE FERRAGAMO Incanto Shine; EDT (100ml) --> RM160 X
SARAH JESSICA PARKER Lovely; EDP (100ml) --> RM150 X
TOMMY HILFIGER Tommy Girl; EDT (100ml) --> RM130 X
VERSACE Bright Crystal; EDT (90ml) --> RM160 X

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