Monday, March 15, 2010

New Stock @ 15/3/2010

All perfumes for RM100 and less will be free delivery.

DAVIDOFF Adventure (30ml) --> RM60
DUNHILL X'centric (30ml) --> RM60
SALVATORE FERRAGAMO Incanto Pour Homme (30ml) --> RM70

ANNA SUI Dolly Girl Ooh La Love; EDT (50ml) --> RM100
CHRISTIAN DIOR Addict 2 Summer Breeze; EDT (50ml) --> RM100
CHRISTIAN DIOR Hypnotic Poison; EDT (50ml) --> RM100
CHRISTIAN DIOR J'adore; EDP (50ml) --> RM100
ESTEE LAUDER Pleasure; EDP (30ml) --> RM60
ESTEE LAUDER Pleasure Intense; EDP (30ml) --> RM70
KENZO Mouse; EDP (20ml) --> RM60
LANCOME Magnifique; EDP (50ml) --> RM100
RALPH LAUREN Glamorous; EDP(30ml) --> RM70
RALPH LAUREN Ralph Hot; EDT (30ml) --> RM70
THIERRY MUGLER Angel; EDP (25ml) --> RM70
THIERRY MUGLER Innocent Angle; EDP (30ml) --> RM70


Big Size Perfumes (Delivery charge required)

ARAMIS Always (100ml) --> RM150
BVLGARI Aqva Pour Homme(100ml) --> RM150
BVLGARI BLV Pour Homme(100ml) --> RM140
BVLGARI Pour Homme Extreme (100ml) --> RM140
CALVIN KLEIN Eternity (100ml) --> RM130
CALVIN KLEIN Euphoria (100ml) --> RM150
CALVIN KLEIN Truth (100ml) --> RM140
CAROLINA HERRERA 212 Men (100ml) --> RM150
CHANEL Allure Homme(100ml) --> RM150
CHANEL Allure Homme Sport (100ml) --> RM150
CHRISTIAN DIOR Fahrenheit (100ml) --> RM140
DAVIDOFF Adventure (100ml) --> RM160
DAVIDOFF Coolwater (125ml) --> RM140
DUNHILL Boxer (75ml) --> RM140
DUNHILL Desire Red (100ml) --> RM140
DUNHILL Fresh (100ml) --> RM150
DUNHILL London (100ml) --> RM160
DUNHILL X'centric (100ml) --> RM150
ESTEE LAUDER Pleasures For Man (100ml) --> RM150
GIORGIO ARMANI Code (75ml) --> RM150
GUESS For Man (75ml) --> RM140
HUGO BOSS Army (150ml) --> RM150
HUGO BOSS Baldessarini Del Mar (90ml) --> RM160
HUGO BOSS Dark Blue (125ml)--> RM140
HUGO BOSS Energize (125ml) --> RM140
HUGO BOSS Element (90ml) --> RM160
HUGO BOSS In Motion Green (90ml) --> RM150
HUGO BOSS Selection (90ml) --> RM150
HUGO BOSS XY (100ml) --> RM160
HUGO BOSS # 6 (100ml) --> RM140
ISSEY MIYAKE L'eau D'issey (125ml) --> RM140
JEAN PAUL GAULTIER Fleur Du Male (125ml) --> RM160
LACOSTE Essential 75 Sport Elegance (125ml) --> RM150
MONT BLANC Starwalker (75ml) --> RM150
MONT BLANC Individuel (75ml) --> RM140
RALPH LAUREN Polo Sport (125ml) --> RM140
RALPH LAUREN Polo Black (125ml) --> RM160
RALPH LAUREN Polo Blue (125ml) --> RM150
RALPH LAUREN Safari (125ml) --> RM140
SALVATORE FERRAGAMO Incanto Pour Homme Essential(100ml) --> RM160
TOMMY HILFIGER True Star Men (100ml) --> RM150

ANNA SUI Secret Wish; EDT (75ml) --> RM140
AIGNER Too Feminine; EDP (100ml) --> RM150
BURBERRY London; EDP (100ml) --> RM150
BURBERRY Weekend; EDP (100ml) --> RM150
BVLGARI BLV Pour Femme(100ml) --> RM140
BVLGARI Pour Femme; EDP (100ml) --> RM150
CALVIN KLEIN ckIn2u; EDT (150ml) --> RM160
CALVIN KLEIN Eternity; EDP(100ml) --> RM130
CALVIN KLEIN Eternity Moment; EDP (100ml) --> RM150
CARTIER Delices De Cartier; EDT (100ml) --> RM160
CHANEL Allure Sensuelle; EDP (100ml) --> RM160
CHANEL Coco Mademoiselle; EDP (100ml) --> RM160
CHRISTIAN DIOR J'adore; EDP (100ml) --> RM160
CHRISTIAN DIOR Dolce Vita;EDT (100ml) --> RM150
CLINIQUE Happy; EDP (100ml) --> RM130
D&G Light Blue; EDT (100ml) --> RM130
ESCADA Into The Blue; EDP (75ml) --> RM140
ESCADA Ocean Lounge; EDT (100ml) --> RM160
ESCADA Sentiment; EDT (75ml) --> RM130
ESCADA 'S'; EDP (90ml) --> RM150
ESTEE LAUDER Dazzling Gold; EDP (100ml) --> RM150
ESTEE LAUDER Intuition; EDP (100ml) --> RM140
ESTEE LAUDER Pleasure; EDP (100ml) --> RM140
GIORGIO ARMANI Code; EDP (75ml) --> RM150
GUCCI Envy; EDT (100ml) --> RM140
GUCCI Envy Me; EDT (100ml) --> RM140
GUCCI Rush; EDT (75ml) --> RM140
GUCCI Rush 2; EDT (75ml) --> RM140
GUESS Gold; EDP (75ml) --> RM150
HUGO BOSS Deep Red; EDP (90ml) --> RM130
HUGO BOSS Femme; EDP (75ml) --> RM140
HUGO BOSS Intense; EDP (90ml) --> RM130
HUGO BOSS XX; EDT (100ml) --> RM160
ISSEY MIYAKE L'eau D'issey; EDT (100ml) --> RM130
JPG Le Classique (100ml) --> RM150
KENZO Flower; EDP (100ml) --> RM150
LANCOME Magnifique; EDP (75ml) --> RM160
LANCOME Miracle; EDP (100ml) --> RM150
NARCISO RODRIGUEZ For Her; EDT (100ml) --> RM140
PARIS HILTON Heiress; EDP (100ml) --> RM160
RALPH LAUREN Blue; EDT (125ml) --> RM140
RALPH LAUREN Romance; EDP (100ml) --> RM140
RALPH LAUREN Style; EDP (125ml) --> RM150
SALVATORE FERRAGAMO Incanto Charms; EDT (100ml) --> RM160
Stella Sheer by STELLA Mc CARTNEY; EDP (100ml) --> RM150
THIERRY MUGLER Angel; EDP (50ml) --> RM120
THIERRY MUGLER Innocent Angle; EDP (75ml) --> RM160
VERSACE Crystal Noir; EDT (90ml) --> RM160

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