Friday, January 15, 2010

We Are Now Doing Dropshipping

To all our fellow friends. Announcing our new service to support all type of reseller.
We are proudly present our new DROPSHIP service.


1) This type of business had been implemented in other countries esspecially europe and US. Dropship is very popular in ebay. Many did not know that some seller in ebay are making their money without actually selling anything. Mean that they don't even hv the stocks in hand. This is where dropshipper playing the role.

2) Reseller find their customer with their own price. We as a dropshipper will definately offering a lower price for reseller. Then reseller jst pay us the amount and we will do the rest (packing and courier to their respective customers). Reseller can keep their profit.

3) Why are we offering the service? To meet other reseller request. Lately we recieved a lot of emails and calls which asking about being an agent. But most of them actually are not dare to take the risk to invest a sum of money and keeping stocks in hand as they are a new player in the business. Undestanding their interest in making money with the business is what bring us to launch the service.

4) But there are still a different between agent and dropship reseller. To join our dropship service this are the term and condition:

i) Lifetime fee RM180* (not returneable). Ctc us for registration.

ii) No minimum buying qty once u hv register as our reseller.*

iii) Provide us your phone no., full address, email, website (if applicable). This info will be printed on the consignment note for courier purpose to your customer. So your customer will keep in touch with u and not us.

iv) Email us with title "Dropship reseller" for registration.

*Your membership will automatically being terminated if no transaction (no sales) in 6 month continously.

For further info pls do not hesitate to ctc us @

Email :

Phone: +6017.3881681

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