Monday, December 7, 2009

NEW STOCK @ 7/12/09

BVLGARI BLV (100ml) --> RM140
BVLGARI Pour Homme Extreme (100ml) --> RM140
BVLGARI Aqva AQV (100ml) --> RM150
CALVIN KLEIN Euphoria (100ml) --> RM150
CALVIN KLEIN Eternity (100ml) --> RM130
CALVIN KLEIN Escape (100ml) --> RM130
CALVIN KLEIN cKin2u (100ml) --> RM150
CAROLINA HERRERA 212 Men Splash (100ml) --> RM150
CHRISTIAN DIOR Fahrenheit (100ml) --> RM140
CHRISTIAN DIOR Dior Homme (100ml) --> RM160
DAVIDOFF Coolwater (125ml) --> RM140
DAVIDOFF Coolwater Freeze Me (125ml) --> RM150
DUNHILL Pursuit (75ml) --> RM160
GIORGIO ARMANI Attitude Extreme (75ml) --> RM160
GIORGIO ARMANI Acqua Di Gio (100ml) --> RM130
GUESS For Man (100ml) --> RM140
GUY LAROCHE Drakkar Noir (100ml) --> RM130
HUGO BOSS Army (150ml) --> RM150
HUGO BOSS Dark Blue (125ml)--> RM140
HUGO BOSS Energize (125ml) --> RM140
HUGO BOSS In Motion Black (90ml) --> RM150
HUGO BOSS In Motion (90ml) --> RM130
HUGO BOSS Pure (75ml) --> RM160
HUGO BOSS Selection (90ml) --> RM150
HUGO BOSS Soul (90ml)--> RM140
HUGO BOSS XY (100ml) --> RM160
ISSEY MIYAKE L'eau D'issey (125ml) --> RM140
John Varvatos By JOHN VARVATOS (125ml) --> RM160
KENZO L'eau Par Kenzo Pour Homme (100ml) --> RM160
RSVP By Kenneth Cole (100ml) --> RM160
PACO RABANNE XS (100ml) --> RM130
PAUL SMITH For Man (100ml) --> RM150
RALPH LAUREN Polo Blue (125ml) --> RM150
RALPH LAUREN Polo Sport (125ml) --> RM140
RALPH LAUREN Polo Explorer (125ml) --> RM160
RALPH LAUREN Romance Silver (100ml) --> RM150
RALPH LAUREN Safari (125ml) --> RM140
Terre D'Hermes By HERMES (100ml) --> RM160
THIERRY MUGLER A*men (100ml) --> RM150
YSL Body Kouros (100ml) --> RM150

ANNA SUI Night Of Fancy; EDT (75ml) --> RM160
BURBERRY Brit ; EDT (100ml) --> RM150
BURBERRY Brit; EDP (100ml) --> RM160
BURBERRY Brit Sheer; EDT (100ml) --> RM160
BURBERRY London; EDP (100ml) --> RM150
BVLGARI Omnia Crystalline; EDP (65ml) --> RM130
CALVIN KLEIN Eternity; EDP(100ml) --> RM130
CAROLINA HERRERA Chic; EDP (80ml) --> RM140
CHANEL # 5; EDP (50ml) --> RM120
CHRISTIAN DIOR Hypnotic Poison; EDT (50ml) --> RM130
CHRISTIAN DIOR Pure Poison; EDP (100ml) --> RM160
CLINIQUE Happy; EDP (100ml) --> RM130
CLINIQUE Happy Heart; EDP (100ml) --> RM140
DAVIDOFF Coolwater; EDT (100ml) --> RM140
D&G Light Blue; EDT (100ml) --> RM130
ESCADA Tropical Punch; EDT (100ml) --> RM140
ESTEE LAUDER Beautiful; EDP (75ml) --> RM140
ESTEE LAUDER Beautiful Summer Waters; EDP (75ml) --> RM140
ESTEE LAUDER Pleasure; EDP (100ml) --> RM140
ESTEE LAUDER Pleasure Intense; EDP (100ml) --> RM150
GIORGIO ARMANI Code; EDP (75ml) --> RM140
GIVENCHY Very Irresistable Summer Cocktail; EDT (75ml) --> RM150
GUCCI Envy; EDT (100ml) --> RM140
GUCCI Rush 2; EDT (75ml) --> RM140
GUESS Gold For Women; EDP (75ml) --> RM150
HERMES Un Jardin Sur Le Nil; EDT (100ml) --> RM140
HERMES Un Jardin En Mediterranee; EDT (100ml) --> RM140
HUGO BOSS Femme; EDP (75ml) --> RM140
HUGO BOSS Intense; EDP (90ml) --> RM130
ISSEY MIYAKE L'eau D'issey Summer; EDT (100ml) --> RM150
JEAN PAUL GAULTIER Madame; EDT (100ml) --> RM160
JEAN PAUL GAULTIER Le Femme (100ml) --> RM140
JLO Glow; EDT (100ml) --> RM150
KENZO Flower; EDT (100ml) --> RM150
LANCOME Miracle; EDP (100ml) --> RM150
LANCOME Miracle So Magic; EDP (100ml) --> RM150
LANCOME Tressor; EDP (100ml) --> RM140
PERRY ELLIS; EDP (100ml) --> RM140
RALPH LAUREN Romance; EDP (100ml) --> RM140

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