Monday, August 4, 2008

How to check your perfumes originality??

1st of all if imitations they will imitate exactly like ori include the box itself..they wont sell unbox perfumes..hv u seen any imitation perfumes w/o box? Why my product selling w/o box?

1. Most of my product r reject after means the perfumes already sent to the outlet but with some reason the boxes r damaged while they will return back to the distributor..and the distributor will keep the perfumes in their store and will sell it at the cheaper price (cos the boxes hv been thrown away)..but if the box r not too bad damaged they will keep it..

2. Somehow u may try this way to check the originality of ur perfumes..
a. Spray onto a pc of paper and left about 2 mins..u will c the paper is still wet..but if imitations it won’t stay that long cos the alcohol composition is higher than the will evaporate..

b. Take a look under the bottles..u will c a sticker with serial code..ori perfumes will endorse the code but imi will print it..for CK brand normally the sticker is silver in color and the code is invisible..u can c the pattern but the number has no color..

c. For the easiest way try to compare perfumes from Chanel brand..the ori one hv no code but all info such as “100ml Eau De Toilette Made In France” will be printed at the bottle itself..but the imitation one will put a sticker with the same info and also no code..

d. Spray on a pc of paper and take a look under the influence of a leave an oily stain on the paper..

ORIGINALLY CREATED BY . Base on our research and findings..others are copying!!

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