Wednesday, July 9, 2008

2008 Men's Cologne

The best 2008 men’s colognes provide you with all you need to attract the right kind of attention at any event or casual gathering.

Then again, some of these men’s colognes are so good you’ll want to wear them even when you make a coffee run.
The search for a new cologne, however, is also a search for who you are as a man because its distinctive smell will reflect on your personality and complement your daily life.Categorized by the occasion they are best suited for, here are the 2008 men’s colognes you should be dabbing on.
Boucheron pour Homme
A unique mixture of classic sandalwood tones with lighter citrus notes combine to make a one-of-a-kind continental scent in this 2008 men’s cologne. Less is more when it comes to a deeper toned scent like this one, which makes it perfect for a formal evening when you want only a select few to notice you

Hugh Parsons Traditional
Sometimes, to complete the formal wear look, you have to find a new scent based on the traditional English themes of warmth and sophistication. Enter Hugh Parsons and his Traditional cologne. This is a scent for a modern, young man who longs to see the world from the rail of a steamship. This 2008 men’s cologne is subtle, elegant, formal, and affordable.
Burberry Summer
Summer from Burberry is a reinterpretation of its classic cologne but with lighter tones, allowing you to wear just a little more without sending her running. This is a relaxed 2008 men’s cologne that serves best on those informal nights when anything is possible.

Bulgari pour Homme Soir
The alternative to a light date night scent is the heavy masculinity of the musk-based Bulgari pour Homme “Soir.” This is the scent you want to have on when your intentions are clear and simple. What sets this cologne apart from all the others is the central tones derived from guaiac wood with a mixture of subtle amber

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  1. What a nice perfume! Such a this quality very excellent A unique mixture of classic sandalwood tones with lighter citrus notes combine.