Saturday, January 5, 2008

Wanna Know The meaning of tester??

Tester means:
- dis product hd been produce as a tester unit for shopping mall..
- base on the info, the product has the parfum ingredient higher than normal for selling (eg let say normal has 80% parfum, tester maybe 90% parfum)..
- also believe last longer since the parfum content is higher..

Q&A bout tester:
a) Izzit someone has use it cos it is tester?
- no 1 using it..we kidnapped it before arrive to shopping mall :D
b) What is the qty..izzit full or hlaf of the bottle?
- Mostly tester come in the highest qty (100/125ml etc)..but in certain case there is also in smaller size...
- Don't worry cos the content is still full..

hopefully this statement will answer all ur questionare..

ORIGINALLY CREATED BY . Base on our research and findings..others are copying!!

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