Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Secret of Perfumes...

Everybody knows how to use perfume rite.. But do u know the secret to make it last even longer??

Normally we sprayed the perfume onto our shirt or dress and a bit at the the pulse spot..
Then after a while (especially in the afternoon) we wont be able to smell the nice smell of the perfume anymore..
Then we will say “is this perfume original??..the smell doesn't long last maa”..
U know what..the truth is u r using the perfume in the wrong way..

The secret to make the fragrance last longer are:

  • Spray onto ur body especially at the pulse area. Recommended to spray within neck, shoulder, and upper side of ur body.
    This is to ensure the fragrance reacts with your body liquid (sweat maybe). Only then the smell can last longer..
  • Some onto ur shirt (to eliminate wardrobe smell from ur shirt)..
  • Don’t be exposed to the sunlight (high temperature) for too long (i.e almost all day long). Otherwise u better bring a spare fragrance..base on Malaysia weather, within 12pm – 3.00pm is the period when temperature is at its highest. And this will cause extra fragrance to evaporate since we will also sweat too much..

Try to practice this advice and u will find ur fragrance is ur best friend..

ORIGINALLY CREATED BY . Base on our research and findings..others are copying..


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